"Love the new website - it looks and navigates very well! When we can't get to the bank we can navigate easily at the site. Almost feels as comfortable as visiting the bank physically, however, will never beat the super friendly staff we as customers have the privilege of interacting with at the bank!"

Great work -

Kathleen A. Olson, President, Global Reservations, Inc.

"The installation of Remote Deposit Capture by Independent Bank of Texas at my company has eliminated drive time and is worth more than I could have imagined."

"Remote deposit capture from Independent Bank of Texas allows me to efficiently handle my banking tasks. IBT is an exceptionally easy group to work with and they have helped me make the most of my time and resources relative to the banking process. Setup and use of remote deposit capture has been very easy. The technology IBT uses is cutting edge and loaded with great features. The IBT team provides great customer service and I'm very happy I made this amazingly simple transition to Independent Bank of Texas."

- Mr. Pat Sparks, President of Diamond Fitness

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"Remote Deposit Capture from Independent Bank of Texas completely takes the geographic location factor out of our banking decision."

Our business and our home is in Colleyville and we stay very busy right here in our own market area, so driving to Irving was not convenient. Because of Remote Deposit Capture it's not even an issue. Independent Bank of Texas gives great service. It's great to work with a bank that operates this progressively, overcoming all obstacles for their customers. We appreciate the personal approach they have with us as clients."

- Laurie Wall, The Wall Team

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"Remote Deposit Capture has eliminated time consuming photocopying, filing, data entry and removed the cost and liability of regular trips to the bank to make deposits."

Our company started using the Remote Deposit Capture service in early 2007 and it has proven to be a solid decision. Setup and training went extremely smooth. Follow-up and support have exceeded our expectations."

- Reza Khavari, President System Concepts, Inc.

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"Remote Deposit Capture from Independent Bank of Texas provides us with the flexibility to make deposits 24/7 and for a small company where everyone wears many hats, that's very convenient."

"Productivity is improved dramatically, as now we spend a few minutes making a deposit instead of an hour traveling to the bank and back. The solution for Remote Deposit Capture from Independent Bank of Texas is a great system. To any other company considering Remote Deposit Capture: don't hesitate. To any company interested in excellent personal and timely customer service: look no further. We have had an exceptional experience so far at IBT. Everyone works to accommodate the customer and that's hard to find at the nationals."

- Phil Lake, President, Knight Security Systems, LLC

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