Genesis (Faith-based Organizations)

While many church leaders understand the importance of their role as stewards of the church's funds, very few have a personal relationship with a banker who understands the needs of their church, its vision, and its mission. Genesis is a unique suite of banking solutions designed especially for churches and faith-based organizations.

IBT understands the dynamics of a church and its financial needs, a specialty uncommon in the banking industry. We are sensitive to your unique needs, from information security to cash flow management and facilities financing. We have built on the Genesis platform multiple services to fulfill the financial stability you require and develop a personal relationship for the future.


IBT Genesis Suite of Financial Services

Remote Deposit Capture: Provides the ability to deposit checks without even coming to the bank. Learn more about Remote Deposit Capture and how it can save you time, money, and increase your security.

Electronic Tithing: We can help you set up automatic tithing through automatic ACH debit transactions weekly, monthly, or any timeframe desired. Electronic tithing can help provide a consistent revenue stream that is essential for the financial stability of today's churches and faith-based organizations.

Personal Relationship Banker: IBT Genesis provides a banking officer assigned to your organization whose single focus is building and maintaining a financial plan for success.

Building Fund Loans: Innovative financial terms and aggressive loan rates provide the framework to provide the funds required to build your ministry.

Auto Leases/Loans: If you need vans or buses for transportation, or vehicles for your clergy, we can provide the funding whether you want to lease or buy.

Mission & Outreach Programs: IBT Genesis can provide funds for mission projects or outreach programs in terms of short- or long-term loans to assist in meeting the ministry vision for helping people in need.

Free Checking Accounts: IBT Genesis provides all churches and faith-based organizations with free checking accounts.

Why Genesis?

Why Should a Church Move Their Financial Relationship to IBT?

1. We understand the vital importance of the church to the overall health of the community.

2. We provide products, services, and pricing specifically targeted to the church communities that we serve.

3. Because we are locally based, we have the ability to respond quickly to your unique financial needs, with flexibility tailored to your organization.

4 Our staff is uniquely trained to understand the needs of churches and religious organizations, both large and small.

5. Our employees live and work in the communities that we serve, volunteering their time and talents to make the community a better place.

6. We provide a single source for all the financial needs of churches and faith-based organizations.

Our Commitment

Statement of Commitment

Independent Bank of Texas reaches out to provide bank services to help build a better community. When a community is financially strong, the community is alive and well. From individuals to businesses, IBT provides a unique banking experience that is based upon treating every person entering our bank as someone special instead of simply an account number.

Individual financial plans are developed to successfully reach each individual and organization's financial goals. Our facilities are built not to overwhelm but to sincerely welcome our customers and guests. The employees are committed not just to our customers, they are also volunteering in the community in local organizations to make life better in the neighborhoods that we serve.

We stand ready to be your partner and to assist your church in achieving its financial goals. We offer the knowledge, the products, and the experience to help you streamline cash flow, improve record keeping, finance new facilities, or simply modify existing ones.

But more importantly, we sincerely care about you and the important role that you play in the lives of your congregation. We are ready to be your financial partner, working hand-in-hand to understand your current and future needs and to build a plan to bring those dreams into reality.

Church + IBT = TOTAL Community Commitment

Genesis (Faith-based Organizations)