ID Theft Solutions

You've logged in, managed your finances, and can rest easy knowing you did it all on a secure site. Independent Bank of Texas takes aggressive steps to give you peace of mind that you are not mistakenly logging in to a bogus site and compromising your identity.

It's true that online banking has made managing our finances easier. However, it has also made customers and financial institutions susceptible to "phishing" schemes designed to con you into divulging sensitive financial information. With an estimated more than 11,900 phishing sites active, it has become a huge tool for identity-theft scammers.

That's why IBT is taking the next step in safeguarding your identity and financial information. IBT provides our customers with a next generation multilevel authentication process. This process is a password enhanced PC forensics solution that identifies each customer by their password and specific computer being used, and matches it with a secret unique image displayed on your login page. Not only is your identity proven to the IBT website, but our website also proves its identity to you.

IBT's Identity Theft Solution combines the traditional user name and password with the user computer's unique fingerprint resulting in an end-to-end protection against phishing, spoofing, keyboard logging, and other fraudulent attacks. Along with the increased protection, implementation is done without the need for new software. For customers with more than one PC, authentication confirmation is done through emailing a one-time password or by answering a unique question.

Next Generation Multilevel Authentication Process


Using secure cookies and Macromedia Flash shared objects, the user's computer is registered with a single device ID. IBT's ID Theft Solution examines a number of the user computer's characteristics to create a unique fingerprint that is checked each time the user logs in. With this security measure in place, criminals are unable to access account information even if they have the username and password.


In addition to the extra security measures taken on the user's end, IBT's website must prove its authentication to the user. This is done via a secret image chosen from more than 50,000 that is unique to each individual customer and is displayed on the login page. This visual security measure ensures that the user is on the correct website and not on a phishing or spoof site.


Once the user's computer and company website are verified, the user then enters their username and password to complete the login process. If IBT's Identity Solution detects anything suspicious during the login process, the user is asked to verify their identity by answering a challenge question. If answered correctly, the unique image appears and they can then enter their password to complete the login.